Chrysalis Aesthetic Clinic is the premier aesthetics clinic that was founded on the philosophy of delivering the most effective aesthetic treatments for our patients. Besides pursuing excellence in its treatments, Chrysalis Aesthetic Clinic is strict to provide only evidence-based therapies so as to ensure the utmost safety of our patients.

Our clinic feature the latest technologies and products. Be it the administration of Botox or Filler application, or a more intensive laser, radio frequency or ultrasound course of treatments, we provide a wide range of therapies, suitable for almost any kind of aesthetic condition.

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The aging process, lifestyle and the environment all have a profound effect on the physiological makeup of our body. From head to toe, how we feel inside will often resonate to the surface, resulting in a wide variety of conditions. We offer a broad range of proven aesthetic treatments to counteract these effects and rejuvenate your body.


As the focal point when interacting with anyone, our face is often the most visual means of projecting who we are. Our face can be affected by a multitude of conditions, ranging from surface level acne, to more structural issues like sagging skin. Our treatment regimes, such as Botox, can help ensure that you always put your best face forward.


Our skin can say a lot about our lifestyle and general wellbeing. Skin conditions come in many shape and forms, including something as subtle as pigmentation or even self-inflicted circumstances like tattoos. Using cutting edge treatments such as laser therapies, we can help overcome these afflictions and have your skin looking radiant and youthful again.

Dr. Ho Rui Ming

As the Medical Director for Chrysalis Aesthetic Clinic, Dr Ho brings with him a wealth of experience and qualifications, combined with a deep passion for all things aesthetics related.  In addition, he has an avid and special interest in the latest Thread Lift procedures and Acne Scar treatments.  He was invited as a guest trainer for the Thread Lift Masterclass organised by the American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine and is skilled at using different types of threads such as Silhouette Soft, PDOs, Korean threads, PLLA etc.

Dr Ho understands the power of looking and feeling confident. He firmly believes that beauty goes beyond skin deep and as such, he not only enjoys tailoring the right solutions for his patients, but also getting to know them in the process.

He sees it as a privilege to be in a position to help his patients achieve their desired results, through a regimen of evidence-based treatments, underpinned by quality products, proven technologies and best practices available in the market today.

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